Handmade Soap vs Synthetic Soap

Is our soap worth it? Is it really much better than the cheap soap you buy at the store? Well first let’s ask a rather simple question, what is soap?

Now before you grab a bottle of your favorite name brand, be careful because labels can be deceiving. Real natural soap undergoes a process called saponification, which in simple terms just means the process in which triglycerides (fats) react with sodium hydroxide (lye). What does this process produce? It produces glycerol and a fatty acid salt called “soap”. This form of lye is the substance that makes the bar of soap hard. Basically this type of lye is the difference between silky lotion and a brick. Because we started off as a men's grooming company we decided to make bricks.. because men like bricks. What does the other half - glycerol do? It turns out that glycerol is what makes this hard square bar function as soap. Who wants to use a brick that doesn't work? Glycerol is responsible for drawing water from the air to the skin which helps balance moisture levels and prevents signs of aging by helping skin cells mature in a proper manner.

Okay so who cares? My cheap name brand soaps do the same thing right?

Nope, it turns out that most big brand manufacturing companies extract glycerol from their “soap” products (more precisely labeled as a detergent by the FDA) and use it in other skin care products that will produce them a higher profit margin. They basically strip the gold out of the mine and replace it with plastic. This manufacturing practice has allowed them to take the most important aspect of soap and replace it with synthetic chemicals. For example:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a very cheap foaming agent used in laundry detergent that they use as a replacement to mimic the natural ingredients they remove, but wait it gets worse.. unless you like to shower in a washer machine (please don't).

  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) is also a popular choice that big brand companies use. However some products which contain SLES have been found to also contain unhealthy levels of 1,4 Dioxane. This unwanted formation is a by-product of a reaction called ethoxylation which is an important reaction in the production of SLES.

  • 1,4-Dioxane is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 2B carcinogen. The classification "Group 2B" just means that there is a small amount of evidence in humans that this substance does cause cancer. But even though the chance is small would you want to rub your body with anything that COULD cause cancer? The FDA has encouraged manufacturers to remove 1,4 Dioxane from it’s products, but sadly they are not required to by law.

  • Triclosan, which is used because of its antibacterial properties. That's right, while your not using triclosan to kill mildew or fungi some companies would like you to use it for your skin. Before getting into the details let’s talk about how prevalent this compound is. The CDC commented on a 2003-2004 survey which showed that 75% of people had triclosan in their urine. While the health effects may not be severe in most cases it has been linked to a higher risk of developing a food allergy, eczema (inflammation of the skin), allergic sensitization, and a few other hormone related issues.

While these issues most likely are not deadly, do you really want to treat your skin the same way as you treat your dishes or laundry?

These cheap synthetic chemicals dry out your hydrated skin cells and can potentially cause more serious health issues over time. This is why our soap is worth it, simply because we can actually call our soap "soap" and not "detergent" based off guidelines set by the FDA. They may have a better price but do they really follow our humane quality over quantity business model? No, most name brand companies don't. Unlike them we take pride in every step of our production and sales process. We take pride in the natural ingredients we use. We take pride in helping real men and real women make the switch as that is an investment to their self worth. We take pride in creating soaps that will make you feel like your camping in the mountains without leaving the comfort of your own bathroom. We firmly believe that spending a few extra dollars a month will be worth it. We believe our soap is worth it, because you are worth it.