Natural Deodorant vs Synthetic Deodorant

Okay, so what's the big deal with synthetic deodorant?

Your body is valuable, it's made in a way that works. Our sweat glands are there to regulate body temperature and to remove some toxins. So, sweat is good! Now before you run away because you think otherwise, give me a chance to explain. Just because you stink when you sweat doesn't mean you have to. Aluminum based deodorant kills off the slightly smelly bacteria creating an environment for the most stinky bacteria to thrive. Synthetic deodorant is like a plug, a tiny plug that fits in each and every little pore in your armpits. You don't sweat, because synthetic deodorant is literally blocking you from sweating by filling your pores with gunk that doesn't contain the heathiest ingredients. So basically, synthetic deodorant makes your sweat smell worse, and to fix that issue they block the sweat off completely. Does that seem healthy to you?

Ah, I see.. but is it actually harmful?

Classic ingredients that could cause concern for health include:

  • Metals, such as aluminum. Aluminum can cause "gene instability". This instability may lead to changes that can promote the unhealthy growth of cancer cells. While there is not a 100% direct link of aluminum to cancer, breast cancer incidence tends to match up with products that contain aluminum.

  • Parabens, the preservatives used in some deodorants has been linked to the strengthening of “estrogenic” effects. Because there is estrogen sensitive tissue in the breast, some scientists worry that repeated use may also lead to cancer due to these sensitives being constantly irritated.

  • Phthalates, the compounds that help synthetic deodorant stick to your skin has been linked to disrupting hormones such as testosterone. Both men and women produce testosterone so some scientist have concern over it possibly causing reproductive issues. This compound has also been linked to a lower IQ and higher rates of asthma

  • Triclosan, commonly used as a chemical to kill bacteria has been shown to negatively impact thyroid function in animals. This can have a negative impact on brain development. A recent study showed that 75% of Americans have detectable levels in our urine.

Interesting, so why is your natural solution better?

Our natural deodorant is better because we don't use these harmful & cheap ingredients you have read about above. We use high quality hand selected ingredients found in nature. Our natural deodorant doesn't clog your pores, it lets them breathe. For the first 30 days that you switch to our deodorant your body will be detoxing and getting rid of your old deodorant. During this time you may be more smelly due to your pores unclogging thus exposing the bad smelling bacteria that was allowed to grow unchecked for so long. No worries though! Within 30 days your body will be fully adjusted to our natural deodorant and you'll return back to enjoying a healthy balance of bacteria. After your body balances out you'll finally understand why natural sweat isn't so bad after all.