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About Us

 Mister1920 was founded with the unique goal of putting natural and healthy men's grooming products back in the spotlight. As men we tend not to care about what types of products we use, but we should. In the 1920's almost all men used natural grooming products, but the sad reality is this fact: By the 1930's companies realised they could make more profit by stripping out the natural & healthy ingredients and replacing them with cheap chemicals. How we handle ourselves and present ourselves is very important and can increase our happiness and confidence, and men knew this in the 1920's. Let's return to the quality of the past in 2020.

Ahhhh... synthetic products.

The market is currently flooded with cheaply made razors, soaps, deodorants, and more which takes the pride out of grooming. Who gets excited about the basic soap they use? or the basic shaving cream they use? Where is the joy in waking up and actually getting ready for the day?

THIS is why we're here!

We are currently producing new products as we speak! As of now we only sell soap, but new products are on the way. We will have an entire line of Mister1920 products for you to enjoy over the next year.

Wow, damn your manly.

Wouldn't you like to enjoy a nice hot steaming shower with different naturally made soaps with real ingredients found in nature that remind you of a forest or the beautiful mountains? Why have we settled for synthetic scents and chemicals? Why have we settled for soap that drys out our skin? These are all questions that you need to contemplate.

Our goal is to bring back that ambition...

that was present in the roaring twenties exactly one century later. Shower with some soap that smells like eucalyptus, slick your hair back (unless you're bald) with pomade, shave with cream that smells like sandalwood, dab some masculine solid cologne on your neck and head out for the day with pride and confidence that you haven't felt in years! It's time to get excited about grooming again! It's time to return to the classics. Also, just to note we now make soap products for your lady as well!

Another quick note...

It may also be worth noting that we did sell other brands (which means we sold other products), but as of now we only have our soap on our website as we've decided to only sell products under our brand. Please bare with us as we scale up our small business so we can provide an amazing experience in every aspect of your grooming routine as described above. Buying our soap products will help us get there faster, thank you!

Mister1920 is located in New Orleans, LA. The culture of the 1900's is still very present in the soul and architecture of our city that never seems to sleep. We handle each and every order with care and will get you your order in just a matter of days (no we don't use horses anymore).

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