How fast is shipping?

Order processing can take up to one business day not including Sundays. Overall you can expect your order at your house within 2-4 business days after purchasing if you live in the United States. Elsewhere it may take up to 5-14 business days. In rare circumstances shipping may take a bit longer due to events like COVID, Holidays, or just general product delays. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $2.00 (for orders under $10) and $3.00 to $5.00 for anyone in the USA on orders under $40. USA orders placed above $30 ship for free with USPS Priority Mail. Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $9.00, then can be as low as $7 on orders over $35. Canadian orders $100+ ship free. Canadian shipping is discounted to $7.00 for soap club subscriptions. Shipping to the UK will be between $12 - $35 depending on how heavy your order may be. The more you order, the higher shipping will be. Feel free to reach out via live website chat and we may be able to help with shipping cost based off of what you have in your cart. We may ship elsewhere just reach out via our live website chat to find out!

How do I change the scents in my soap club subscription?

You can simply cancel your current subscription from your account page. Click "manage subscription", then click "view details" and scroll down and cancel your subscription. After, simply go back to the "Join the Soap Club" page and pick out new scents before re-subscribing. 

Are your products all natural?

Yes, all of our products are made with specially selected high quality ingredients directly from nature. We also have a lot of cruelty free/vegan options.

Where are your products from?

The products we stock are manufactured in places such as America, Canda, and the United Kingdom!

Do you cover damaged orders?

Yes, if your package arrives damaged we will 100% make it right. 

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? 

Our satisfaction guarantee (only applies to our branded soap) states that if you can't feel the difference we'll give you your money back.. and it's true! We do not refund shipping in these circumstances though.

Are these products only for men?

Actually, No! Both men and women can use our products although we do market ourselves as a men's grooming company.

Do you accept returns?

Sometimes, if the product you are offering has not been used we will consider based off the circumstances. We do not accept returns on perishable products such as soap. However we would be glad to offer you a refund/discount in return though as we value our customers satisfaction and strive to make things right.