Our Mission

Ah yes, we are the small business that launched during the heart of COVID. You may be thinking "so you launched a soap business due to COVID right?" Well, actually no! COVID actually delayed our launch. Anyway, we are not here to talk about that.. we are here to discuss our mission. Virtually every business has a mission, something people can get behind to support. So what's ours? Ours is to help people. How? By doing whatever we think we can to help people depending on what problems we are facing. So for example, we launched 5 months ago and since our launch we have been able to donate over $3000 directly to families in need (due to COVID-19) by teaming up with YouTube influencers. This was our goal for 2020, and looks like it will continue to be our goal in 2021. You can find these giveaways by doing a few YouTube searches yourselves too! We don't hide them, you can even enter if we are doing one at the moment! Well, I appreciate every single one of you. Thanks for helping us do the best we can.. while selling soap. Ditch the plastics & return to the classics!