Activated Charcoal


Activated Charcoal is a great natural exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. When dead skin cells are removed, a new layer of skin that looks and feels more rejuvinated is uncovered. Our natural activated charcoal soap is our top recommendation for women who wish to effectively cleanse their skin to the highest degree. 

Key Ingredients

Activated Charcoal

Deeply exfoliates skin and removes dirt from the skins surface.

Shea Butter

Contains vitamins and fatty acids which moisturize skin.

Sustainble Palm Oil

Helps restore hydration to dry skin giving it a smooth appearance.

Coconut Oil

Contains saturated fats which keep moisture in the skin & hair.

Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, & Activated Charcoal.

If you don't like any of our products we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Most "soaps" on the market are classified as synthetic detergents by the FDA. These "soaps" are typically made with harsh chemicals. Synthetic foaming agents and preservatives (such as Parabens) are much more common than you'd think. By switching to Mister1920's natural soap, you get nature's beauty packed in every bar.

Customer Reviews

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D. Eileen Pielin
Helps remove dead skin?

As an older person I do not shower everyday. It is not good for your skin. I have only used this soap twice. Did I notice my dead skin around my feet and elbows being washed away as per your write up when I was ordering your soap well no I didn’t! But you are determined to have me give a rating within a few days to a week from getting your soap you will not get a good review. Now if you want a review of someone who has used your items for a few months then you might get a better review. I bought four of your soaps. I will only use one and when that soap is finished then I will pick another soap to use. I live along and I feel that your four soaps will last me a better part of a year or more. I really don’t have the time to do these reviews and as I paid full price and not your constant pop ups upon ordering to get 20% off I feel I’m not being paid for this review, so please don’t bother me anymore. Thank you, and I’m sure with the time I used in writing this you probably will not post my review. Oh by the way the two times I have used your soap it did what any soap usually does it cleaned my skin.

Beatrice Garcia Garcia
I really like my soap and so does my son. Very refreshing

Very refreshing.

It is a Stocking Stuffer gift.

Since it is not yet Christmas, she have not yet opened her stocking stuffers. Therefore, it has not been used yet, but the package it came in is stout and the bar of Charcoal soap looks good and it is large. I think that she is going to like it and use it. Thank you.

Rita M. Buda
There's Nothing Better

Outstanding soap. Love them all.