Zoom Ashanti's Starter Bundle (3 Soaps + Soap Saver)

Ashanti's Starter Bundle (3 Soaps + Soap Saver)


Ashanti's bundle consist of her top three favorite scents: French Lavender, Cool Water, and Peaches & Cherries. Also included is a handmade wooden soap saver. We are an official sponsor of The Adventure Bandits, so by purchasing any of our products you are also supporting them in the process! 

Scent Profiles:

  • French Lavender (Bold lavender made with real lavender buds)
  • Cool Water (Fresh aquatic and floral)
  • Peaches & Cherries (Sweet elegant perfume)

Enjoy our products knowing:

We make natural soap for men using the highest grade of ingredients that brings you back to the supreme quality of the 1920's that has been lost. If you are looking for the best organic soap for men that doesn't dry out your skin.. you have found it! We are eco-friendly, as we use recyclable packaging and our products are fully biodegradable. We allow you to ditch the plastics, so you can return to the classics. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jordan Johnson
Great soap

We Love your product. It works wonders on the hard water in Las Vegas.

kesha smith
A must have in your bathroom

Love the Ashanti bundle...started using only on camping trips but quickly realized I didn't want to switch back to regular soap.

Wayne Carter
Great soaps!!!!

There fragrants are really nice and they lather up really nice. I will be ordering more soon.

Monica G.
Best Ever

I love this product!!!!.... I will never go back to the traditional soap products that are on the market.

NaDia Jester

I love these soaps! It lathers extremely well and the fragrances are outstanding! I feel so fresh and clean after bathing. No sticky residue only squeaky clean.