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Zoom Brewed Mocha
Zoom Brewed Mocha

Brewed Mocha


Looking for a relaxing scent that will also scrub thoroughly to get the grime off from the day? Our brewed mocha is made with real coffee grounds which work as an excellent exfoliant.

Enjoy our products knowing:

We make natural soap for men using the highest grade of ingredients that brings you back to the supreme quality of the 1920's that has been lost. If you are looking for the best organic soap for men that doesn't dry out your skin.. you have found it! We are eco-friendly, as we use recyclable packaging and our products are fully biodegradable. We allow you to ditch the plastics, so you can return to the classics. 

USA Orders Under $10:

  • $2.00 USPS First Class Mail (2-4 Business Days)

USA Orders Over $10 but under $15:

  • $3.00 USPS First Class Mail (2-4 Business Days)

USA Orders Over $15 but under $40:

  • $5.00 USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Business Days)

USA Orders Over $40:

  • Free USPS Priority Mail (2-4 Business Days)

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A freshly brewed cup of mocha coffee.

Scent Strength:

Light | (Medium) | Strong


(Coffee Grounds)

Bar Size:

(5 oz.)

Life of Bar:

(2-4 weeks)

Coconut Oil, canola oil, soybean oil, organic shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide lye, olive pomace oil, sunflower oil, coffee grounds, and fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it.

I brought a pick 4 gift set for my son for Christmas. He is 38 is he has had problems with his skin since he was about 23. He loves the soaps so much he said he won't be using nothing but My1920 soap. So when Stephen Gardner said you opened a new ladies line I just had to get some too. Brewed mocha is sooo yummy. It's like a dessert without the calories... LoL. Spiced apples you watch out you will be looking for the whip cream. Your skin feels so good to. No sticky or dry feel. Just smooth happy skin. Brewed mocha would be perfect to put in Valentine's basket for your honey bunny. I truly believe you both will love it.

I have not received it yet

I'm sure its really good, but I have not received it yet

More to come

I just received my order yesterday, so I will write a review when I get the chance to use your product. I can say that the help department is very fast, courteous, and thorough.