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This starter bundle includes:

  • Lavender (lavender buds)
  • Oat Milk & Honey (honey glazed oatmeal)
  • Cucumber Melon (cucumber slices and watermelon)
  • Citrus Breeze (orange trees and hibiscus flowers)
  • Blind Love (fresh raspberries, peaches, and strawberries)

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter

Contains vitamins and fatty acids which moisturize skin.

Sustainable Palm Oil

Helps restore hydration to dry skin giving it a smooth appearance.

Coconut Oil

Contains saturated fats which keep moisture in the skin & hair.

Olive Oil

Provides a light creamy lather that softens skin.

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Most "soaps" on the market are classified as synthetic detergents by the FDA. These "soaps" are typically made with harsh chemicals. Synthetic foaming agents and preservatives (such as Parabens) are much more common than you'd think. By switching to Mister1920's natural soap, you get nature's beauty packed in every bar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great soap 🧼

Leaves skin so soft and the scent is just right(not over powering).

Nancy Barcellona
Wonderful Scents and Lather!!!

All of the scents are delightful and the soap suds are luxuriously sudsy! Great deal!!! Got a set for my daughter, too!

Kay Behrend
Rich lather!

Awesome soap! Will make good stocking stuffers!

Lana Bakke
Smelling good

Love the Lavendsr rain! All natural too! Thank you

Gina-Carol Jones

Love ❤️ it