Zoom "Log Cabin" Starter Bundle (3 Soaps + Soap Saver)

"Log Cabin" Starter Bundle (3 Soaps + Soap Saver)

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Our log cabin starter bundle is for guys who love to relax after a hard day of work. It features oat milk and honey, lavender, and mountain sage. This bundle also features a handmade wooden soap saver.

Scent Profiles:

  • Oat Milk & Honey (Mild sweet oatmeal & honey fragrance)
  • Lavender (Mild lavender bud fragrance)
  • Mountain Sage (Mild sage with a hint of lemon)

Enjoy our products knowing:

We make natural soap for men using the highest grade of ingredients that brings you back to the supreme quality of the 1920's that has been lost. If you are looking for the best organic soap for men that doesn't dry out your skin.. you have found it! We are eco-friendly, as we use recyclable packaging and our products are fully biodegradable. We allow you to ditch the plastics, so you can return to the classics. 

The ingredients found in each of our soap bars are listed on their individual product pages. These can be found by clicking HERE

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