Zoom Soap Club Membership

Soap Club Membership

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You are required to sign-up for a free account before purchasing so you can easily manage your club by logging in.

Looking for a way to have our soap automatically shipped directly to your door for free while also saving at least 15% on every soap bar? Welcome, to the club. When you sign up and join the club you'll receive perks such as: 

  • Free USPS Priority Shipping.
  • Free handmade wooden soap saver (with lifetime warranty).
  • First six selected bars at 15% Off.
  • If you add any extra bars you'll get those for 30% off (discount applied fully at checkout).
  • 25% off new soaps the first week they launch.
  • Save $100-$200 a year.

    Soap Usage:

    • Six bars every three months is based on the average lifetime of a bar which is about 2-3 weeks for most women who bathe once a night and use the soap responsibly (not letting it sit under waterfall and placing bar on soap saver). Bathing methods that expose the bar to less waterflow can also increase the life of your bar. If you feel like being carefree feel free to add an extra 7th or 8th bar for 30% off (discount not added fully until checkout). If you are ordering for a housefull you can either adjust the quantity of your subscription or just come back after purchasing and choose 6 more scents.

    Soap Selection:

    • Make sure each soap scent is selected by checking to see if it has a blue outline. You must select at least six scents. If you do not select anything we will send you a randomized selection from our women's soap line each time.


      • Ingredients for each of our soap bars can be found by clicking HERE

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Smells Awesome we love it!

      As soon as I open my package I smile 😊 my daughter ask which one is hers she love oatmeal and milk and honey and fruit punch makes skin soft smell great all day ..... lavender in each bathroom smell wonderful!!! You are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much

      Smells Great

      I bought so many! I won’t need soap for a year. The smells are amazing. Thank you!!!

      Ah AWESOME!!

      Purchased the Woman's Soap Clup Membership. Was happy with the delivery. Purchased the soaps because they are all natural soaps and handmade. I was so happy with the smells of all 8 different soaps that the very patient gentleman helped me ordered on the phone. The smells are SO much more striking then I thought they would be. The hardest thing was, which soap do I use first, lol.
      I am giving my daughter, son-in-law, my brother & others I plan on giving them a bar for Christmas. What could be a better gift, than nice smelling, natural soap to those you love.