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Mountain Sage
T. Newman
So refreshing!

Smell so clean!

Best Ever

I love this product!!!!.... I will never go back to the traditional soap products that are on the market.

Royal Nature Bundle

I am loving my new soaps. Fantastic lather and smells great too. I am so glad I gave these a try.

It's ok.

The deodorants I bought smell good, but I do have a few issues with them. The seals were broken when I opened the package and deodorant leaked everywhere probably because it came in the mail and sat in a hot mailbox until I got home. I don't think the seals were sufficient to protect the deodorant from becoming damaged. I personally didn't like the limited selection. Would like to have seen some scents that weren't so girly, but I suppose in 1920 the scent of pears and lavender was pretty manly? The deodorant doesn't work a full day for me. It usually wears off around 4 or 5. I could put some more on, but it also seems to deplete more quickly than conventional deodorant and for the price that I paid, I'm not sure it's a good idea. But if you like those kinds of scents and have some bad reactions to the "normal" deodorant you buy at the grocery store then I would certainly recommend Mister 1920. I just can't help but think if I go outside and collect bark and leaves and rub them under my armpit I might get better results. Like take some pine needles, boil them in olive oil, and rub the reduction in my pits? I appreciate this company because the soap is pretty good, but the deodorant is just not for me.

Rose Petals
Soaps are amazing! The deodorant was ok!

I can’t say enough how much I love the soaps. Rose is my favorite. Absolutely amazing quality and the fragrance is lasting and beautiful.

I also purchased the French Lavender deodorant...honestly it’s just Ok for me. I had to keep reapplying throughout the day. It may work for others but won’t be purchasing it again. Otherwise, the soaps are the hold grail for me. 🙂

Wooden Soap Saver

It works like a charm! Thank you

Oat Milk & Honey
Kristie J.
Exhilarating Product

This is my 2nd Review for this Company and my response is similar to the 1st one: Exceptionally clean skin with the exhilarating feeling of coolness. Most soaps I previously used cause my skin to feel like it’s wrapped in Saran Wrap but this product is amazing…!!! Hats off (again) to Mister 1920 for excellent product, Reasonable price and Quick delivery service...

Oat Milk & Honey
Corren Evans
Love Love Love ❤️ my Soaps!

Mister1920 soaps is extra special. Light, organic clean, refreshing scents that just make you feel
better just using the products.

Oat Milk & Honey
Melissa Eaglebarger

Love it 💕

Smells Good and Feels Good on Skin

Been using my new soap for about 1 week. Love the scent (I'm using the Peaches and Cherries)! Keeps the bathroom smelling good! It feels good on my skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Cool Water
Ricardo Montalvo

The Soaps were delivered in a timely manner and they are 100% like they say they are. I would definitely order again.

Best soaps I’ve ever had

I love the soap.packaging,everything was on point.smells so incredible.will definitely order again

Eucalyptus Falls
My review

Soap was here timely very good product I love the smell I would definitely get it again

French Lavender
Yuri Mizuoka
Perfect French Lavender pair

First time using the mister 1920 products. I tried French Lavender soap and deodrant. They are perfect match. You can close your eyes and smells like you are in French Lavender Garden. Soap is gentle and rinse well and feels squeaky clean without drying up my skin. I usually don't like using deodorant but this one is a keeper. I don't feel any sticky feelings and very pleasant scent stays with me.

Cedarwood Tea Tree
Cap'n Cavey
Cedarwood Tea Tree

first timer / tried the soap
Cedarwood Tea Tree and
it lathers nice , rinses clean
and smells as named = will
definitely be ordering as needed

Oat Milk & Honey
Terry Holloway
My review

Great company they sent me another bar because one of mine got mashed during shipment I will order from them again fast shipping too

Wonderful scent!

This soap has a wonderful scent and feels very moisturizing when I wash with it. Can’t go wrong with ANY of the Mister 1920 soaps…they are all awesome! One of the best soaps I’ve ever used!


This soap is awesome. Will buy again. Do u ever do a patchouli soap?? Thank you Deb D

Best soap

I love this soap. It smells good and all natural. I had to keep my wife from stealing my bars.


I love the smell and the look but I seem to be allergic to something I used the peaches and cherries and ended up with a rash I’m going to try the oat milk and honey when my rash clears up I do love the smell will let you know how the other one does

Stephen's "You Are Amazing" Bundle For Men

Oat Milk & Honey
Patricia Minyard
Fresh smelling!

This is such a fresh clean scent! My skin felt so soft and clean after using Mister 1920. I really do love it!

Cool Water
Terry Holloway

Excellent soap thanks guys I will be reordering

Awesome soap

Second time ordering from this company. Actually ordered a combination pack. Its awesome soap. Skin is better. Softer. Less dry.

Cool Water
Kelly Lecloux

I just love it!