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Bourbon Barrel
Karin Deerman
welcome gift

It is a welcome gift for any male friend lucky enough to receive it


I bought this bundle to give as a gift to my grown grandson. It’s not time to give it yet, but all 1920’s soaps are relaxing, fragrant (not too much) and a really good natural cleansing soap. They leave you feeling wonderful. This bundle comes with a wooden soap holder which is nice to have. 1920’s soap is AMAZING!

Activated Charcoal
D. Eileen Pielin
Helps remove dead skin?

As an older person I do not shower everyday. It is not good for your skin. I have only used this soap twice. Did I notice my dead skin around my feet and elbows being washed away as per your write up when I was ordering your soap well no I didn’t! But you are determined to have me give a rating within a few days to a week from getting your soap you will not get a good review. Now if you want a review of someone who has used your items for a few months then you might get a better review. I bought four of your soaps. I will only use one and when that soap is finished then I will pick another soap to use. I live along and I feel that your four soaps will last me a better part of a year or more. I really don’t have the time to do these reviews and as I paid full price and not your constant pop ups upon ordering to get 20% off I feel I’m not being paid for this review, so please don’t bother me anymore. Thank you, and I’m sure with the time I used in writing this you probably will not post my review. Oh by the way the two times I have used your soap it did what any soap usually does it cleaned my skin.

Watermelon Sugar
Elizabeth Piveronus
So nice

I love my watermelon sugar soap.It smells wonderful and is gentle on my skin.It suds up nicely.It is so refreshing.Thank You

Gwen T Mueller
Smells nice!

Nice smell and lather! Will buy again.

Corinna Lutito
Unscented is great!

Love the unscented! It’s great for my sensitive skin and leaves my skin feeling clean!

Bourbon Barrel

Bourbon Barrel is Awesome, All Natural.

Watermelon Sugar
Nelly Commly

Watermelon sugar is my favorite right now.
The soap is wonderful and the scent of Watermelon sugar lifts my spirit.

D. Eileen Pielin
No review

I haven’t used Lavender soap. So I have no review to write.

Black Soap


Enoch Chalmers Morant

Smells and feels good

Sugar Cookie
Melody Trotter

I didn't have high hopes for the product, because I had never heard of this brand, but boy was I wrong, this stuff is wonderful!! My skin was softened and the smell is, how to explain it? The scent is just right, not over powering and it left me and my bathroom smelling like cake. Of all the soaps I've tried, this is the best, and I can't wait to try the other scents too!! And I'm going to share this on YouTube, thank you for an outstanding product.

Stephen Gardner's Bundle

Green Tea
Oganes Babiryan
Best soap

Smells good and refreshing keeps me going

Cedar Mint
Arthur Buckner
Cedar Mint

Leaves a cool, crisp and refreshing scent and clean feeling

Wooden Soap Holder
marvin jacobs
Wooden Holder : Soap sticks to wood.

The holder is nicely made. However, the soap sticks to wood and I have to use my nails to pry loose the soap if I place the soap on it and it dries. Maybe as soap is used the sticking issue will end. I understand that the natural smell of the cedar holder is nice, but a rough surface will solve the issue. Would like a replacement once fixed. Thank you. Soap is nice thou. marvin

Wonderful Product

I gave this set of soaps to my wife as one of the gifts for our 27th wedding anniversary. She loves all the different scents! And the bars are so pretty she didn't want to use it. She has sensitive skin and tried one of the bars and now we have a new soap in our household! I purchase it again.

Bourbon Barrel
Melissa Blanchard

I will review when it's received. Thanks

Blind Love
L Hardin
Great smell

I love this soap. I love it that it is all natural. the smell is wonderful and it lathers really well. I will be buying again.

Sandalwood Vanilla
Daunchey Newsome

I love this soap. Thanks and congrats

Expensive, but so far seems worth it.

Black Soap
Charles Dials

Absolutely love this soap it's my after work favorite.

Pine Forest
Peter B
Pine Forest

Most Excellent Soap! Lathers up really well and leaves you Clean and Fresh to start your day

Extraordinary fragrance

This smells so good in the box. The lavender bar is the only one I have used out of the 5 bars I ordered. I bought them for stocking stuffers, and will be ordering more before Christmas. They do not disappoint. The only dilemma is deciding how many I will keep. Stephen Gardner is amazing and so are these soaps.

Smells nice

This is 1 of 5 scents I bought to use as stocking stuffers. With the hole in the top of the box, you can smell the aroma of the bar. It smells extremely good, but not overpowering. Since it’s just May, I won’t find out the recipient’s thoughts until after Christmas. I can’t imagine anyone not liking these wonderful soaps. I will be ordering more bars for men’s and women’s stockings. They WILL be a hit.