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Best Soap I’ve ever used !!!

On my initial order, I was sent the wrong package so I was missing 3 soap bars. I quickly emailed the staff and they fixed the issue right away and immediately shipped out the missing soap bars to me. It arrived quickly too. They were even generous enough to throw in a few extra soaps for the inconvenience. Their staff is kind, professional, and proactive.

As for the soap itself .... the soap scents are amazing!!! I don’t want to get out of the shower because it smells so refreshing and the soap is very soothing on the skin. My current overall skin condition improved in just a matter of a few days. I’m currently on my 3rd different soap. Planning to try every soap scent they have available.

I definitely will continue purchasing these natural soaps and would recommend them to anybody. Proud to support their business.

Oat Milk & Honey

i love the soap

it is the best soap that I've used my hands are so soft and in the winter they get chapped and sore and your soap keeps my hands from getting like that. I'm sold on your soap


I got a few soap bars for my wife. She loves the Exotic punch. Great scent and not harsh. Helps greatly with her dry skin in the winter.

Fresh scent

I use this soap for my hands. It has such a nice creamy lather and smells so fresh. Since I’ve been using Mr. 1920 soaps my finger nails have become healthy. They kept cracking before. It must be the essential oils in them. So glad I heard about the company through Stephen Gardner’s YouTube channel.

Awesome soap

Smells great. Love the sents!

good smelling boxes

the boxes smelled like the 3 different aromas but the soap had none of the aromas. Very Disappointed!!!

Hey Marcia, thanks for the feedback. The soaps are what give the boxes their smell. If the boxes smell like three different scents that would be because each box has a different scented soap inside. I am not exactly sure how it would be possible for them all to smell the same but be different even when the boxes retained the scents. This is the first time we've ever had this type of feedback. Maybe try using them one at a time in the shower as water usually helps reveal a fresh layer and this layer should smell just like it should. Only thing I can think of is maybe from them being in the same package the scents may have mixed and this possibly could have caused a change in scent. However; like I have said this usually doesn't happen (we have never heard of it happening) and I think just using them should fix the issue. Please let me know if this doesn't fix the issue and we'd be glad to make things right!

Peaches & Cherry soap

The soap is wonderful. The only thing is that it doesn't last very long.

Kacey's you are amazing

Love the way you feel after you shower, and the sent is amazing. Also love the way the soap looks.

Bundle for woman

Just love the soap's. My favorite is the coconut lemonade

More uses than one!!! ❤️

Where do I start? I’ve never experienced a quality of soap like Mister 1920. Bless the hands that make them!!!
Stirs the senses, and clean effectively without drying out the skin. I also used them to wash my makeup brushes... clean to perfection!

I am a fan... for LIFE!

Thank You for putting so much love into making this stellar soaps. 🙏🏻

Smells so good!

I love it. Nice creamy lather. Leaves my hands so soft. No more chapped knuckles from frequent hand washing.

Good product.

Loved the soap. The Mountain Sage had a fresh smell and left my skin not as dry as most soaps do. Only negative is that I thought the soap would last a little longer than it did, but It’s still a great bar of soap that I’ll probably reorder in the near future.



Royal nature bundle 😍 ❤

I love these soaps 🧼 😍 ❤ They are all magnificently flagrant 🥰🥰🥰

Smells Awesome we love it!

As soon as I open my package I smile 😊 my daughter ask which one is hers she love oatmeal and milk and honey and fruit punch makes skin soft smell great all day ..... lavender in each bathroom smell wonderful!!! You are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much

This is the best soap ever I love it I can recommend it to anyone

This is the best soap ever I love it and I can recommend it to anyone

Better than I expected

I normally have trouble finding bar soaps that dont dry out my skin. I was pleasantly surprised of how moisturizing this soap is. You get a really good lather and the smell is amazing. I can see myself being a long time customer and purchasing soaps as gifts for friends and family;)

New soap.

Tried the lavender love the smell and the texture oh how it makes one skin feel good and smell great!

Cool water, love this soap

If your like me, when you try a new product you wonder if this is going to be just another run of the mill product, or maybe something special, well I’m pleased to say this soap, Cool Water is great !, it lathers up nicely, looks great and smells awesome, and it’s going to last a while too, this soap is my new favorite and I definitely will be recommending it to friends and family.

Very Yummy

I love every one of my Mrs 1920 soaps. Every scent is wonderful, and the soaps are very gentle on my sensitive skin. If I had to pick a favorite scent, though, it would be the Peaches & Cherries!

When two products don't become one.🤗

The soap holder is perfectly made to dry the soap block. No more soggy 🧼. The perfect duo makes for a great 🎁.

I'm Hooked?

I ordered from Mister 1920 for the first time a few weeks ago. I purchased 4 soaps for the men in my home. I also picked out 4 bars for myself. When the soaps arrived we opened them together one by one. They smell absolutely amazing! One of my boys said "This soap smells so good I just want to eat it!" lol! After using the soap our skin felt clean, conditioned, refreshed and didn't leave a greasy residue. Safe to say we are all fans and we will definitely be a ordering again. I can't wait to try some of their other products. Cheryl C.

Royal Nature Bundle-7 pieces

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had natural soap. So, I thought it would be an okay product. Best soaps ever & easy to hold🤩😎😉. Thank you #mister1920!

I received my Mrs. 1920 bundle and tried it that very day. Loved it. Refreshing!